Bringing Your (Encryption) Keys to Multi/Hybrid Clouds

Tools and Setup

Before we dive into the fun part of getting keys shared amongst cloud providers, there are a variety of tools required to get this tutorial working. First, you’ll need to download and install Vault, then get it up and running. You will also need to install cURL and OpenSSL — these usually comes pre-installed with most Linux OSs, and are available via most package managers (apt, yum, brew, choco/scoop, etc.). Our examples also use head and diff which are part of the coreutils and diffutils packages under Ubuntu; you can either find a similar package for your OS or find a manual workaround for those portions. Next, install the AWS command line tools (CLI) and make sure you configure the CLI to connect to your account. The last step is to install and configure the Heroku CLI.

One last note — the Heroku feature to utilize keys from AWS requires a private or shield database plan, so please ensure your account has been configured accordingly.

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