Our Vision

Our Vision
Marber Security LLC envisions a future where all organizations – large and small – can make better and
informed decisions to protect their people, processes, and technology from cyber threats.

Our Mission
The mission of Marber Security LLC is to help small and midsize businesses improve their cybersecurity
posture by empowering them with knowledge and resources. Guiding us in our mission are our core values:
Passion Unquenchable thirst for continuous learning, constant improvement, leadership, business
operations, innovation, and cybersecurity.
Education Promotion of cybersecurity awareness to help organizations identify areas where cybersecurity risks represent business risks.
Service Focus on understanding an organization’s critical and unique business needs.
Integrity Operation and adherence to the highest ethical standards.

Our Objectives
To accomplish our mission, Marber Security LLC focuses on three strategic priorities:
Bridging the Cybersecurity Awareness Gap that exists between small, midsize, and large organizations by publishing a Cybersecurity book and website.
Assisting organizations to implement an Information Security Program (Cybersecurity Program)
that can help them achieve their business needs and objectives.
Promoting and facilitating Risk Management while reducing unnecessary fear, uncertainty, and
doubt (FUD).